Project Managers


Urban Endeavour

Urban Endeavour is a privately owned Planning & Project Management consultancy with over 20 years’ experience in the development industry, and exclusively manages all development projects for Avon Estates in Western Australia.

Urban Endeavour has the experience and capability to manage all aspects of the development process, including feasibility investigations, cash flow analysis, subdivision design, statutory planning, approvals, construction and sales.

The team at Urban Endeavour have managed the construction of nearly 2,000 residential lots for Avon Estates to date, always striving to “go the extra mile” to achieve excellence in design, implementation and financial performance.



Endeavour Development Management

Endeavour Development Management (EDM) provides a range of specialised acquisition, project and development management services to its parent development company and to other development industry clients in both the private and local government sectors.

The team at EDM have over 20 years of experience in operational, senior management and project director roles with leading development companies across the whole spectrum of the property development process - from acquisition, master planning and design, through to construction, marketing and end sale.

EDM has a demonstrated capability to source & deliver profitable projects, and a thorough knowledge of what it takes to navigate an increasingly complex development compliance framework.

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